Demak Delta Field Trip

Undip Student Chapter of American Association of Petroleum Geologists was presented Fieldtrip at Demak Delta under the theme “Recent Deltaic Sedimentary Deposits of Demak Delta, The North coast of Central Java. This event be held on Saturday, October 18th – Sunday, 19th 2014 and divided to two sessions on Saturday and Sunday with totally 30 Participants on each session. The honorable speaker of this Fieldtrip is Mr. Irfan Cibaj, Senior Sedimentologist of Total E&P Indonesie. The fieldtrip also attended by, Faculty Advisor of Undip SC of AAPG, Mr. Hadi Nugroho.

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The fieldtrip explain us about Resent Deltaic Sedimentary Deposits of Demak Delta, one of modern delta along the north coast of Java. Irfan Cibaj as a speaker tell us about the process of Deltaic environment, especially the energy that building the delta and controlling the system of sedimentary process such as controls of fluviatil, Longshore current of wave and tides. The one important of this fieldtrip also how can sediment influx deposits and build deltaic or beach features like sand bar, Lagoon, and others. Characteristic of sediment influx, how come it is, and what is the source rock, also explained in the event, so we can interprate about historical events of Java and its Deltaic System. The speakers are very interest about the site of this fieldtrip, the different sedimentary system, morphology, and the features of the site makes the deltas along north coast of java become special.

“I will be back for the next fieldtrip”

-Irfan Cibaj-

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