2014 AAPG Honorable Mention Awards


Assalamu’alaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Firstly, let us deliver praise and thanks to Allah S.W.T because of His grace and mercy we still able to see, feel, and hear every stunning moment that happens among us.

Talking about stunning moment, in this chance, on behalf Universitas Diponegoro Student Chapter, I would like to say thank you to AAPG for giving us ‘2014 AAPG Honorable Mention Awards‘. It was stunning and such an honor, Alhamdulillah.

UNDIP SC of AAPG would like to say thank you to Mr. Lee Krystinik (AAPG’s President 2013-2014), Mr. Mike Mlynek (AAPG Student Affairs Coordinator), Mr. Brian McBroom (AAPG Students Assistant), Mr. Geovani C. Kaeng (AAPG Student Affairs Coordinator AAPG Asia Pacific Region), Mr. Dharmawan Samsu (Advisor of the Oversight Committee Indonesian Student Chapter of AAPG), our current Activity Advisor Mr. Dwandari Ralanarko, and also our previous Activity Advisors Mr. Fithra Harris Darmawan and Mr. Muhammad Rizwan Fitriannur for their big support and advices for all our activities.

UNDIP SC of AAPG would like to say thank you to Mr. Hadi Nugroho (Faculty Advisor of Universitas Diponegoro Student Chapter of AAPG), IPA (Indonesia Petroleum Association), SM IATMI UNDIP, SM IAGI UNDIP, SM MGEI UNDIP, GRC, RNA, MAPEAGI, and SC representatives for their cooperation for all our activities.

And special thanks to all speakers who taught and shared us a great knowledge and experience, Mr. Bayu Adiat Natadafani (Halliburton), Mr. Andika Perbawa (Medco E&P Indonesia), Mr. Bhaskara Aji (SKK Migas), Mr. Whisnu Whardana (TOTAP E&P Indonesie), Mr. Teguh Setiawan (VICO Indonesia), Mr. Irfan Cibaj (TOTAL E&P Indonesie), Mr. Suprayitno Adhi nugroho (PERTAMINA EP), Mr. Ari Prabowo, Mr. Kenan Diponegoro, Mr. Rizki Ramadhan, Ms. Mega Sari, Mr. M. Azka Yusuf, and Mr. Waldo Putera Agung.

Once again, representing UNDIP SC of AAPG, I would like to say thank you to everyone that couldn’t be mention one by one for helping and praying us, it means huge. Hopefully, we can always share our desire because we have a dream, we have a big team, and we’re never stop to be the top. For the others, AAPG Indonesia Student Chapter, keep in touch and FAIGK!

Wassalamu’alaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh


Warm Regards,


Rizki Akbar Putra

Fomer President – UNDIP SC of AAPG 2013 Period

Schlumberger Awards Scholarship to the AAPG Outstanding Student Chapter

Dear All,

On behalf of Universitas Diponegoro SC of AAPG, I would like to thanks to Schlumberger for giving us a “Schlumberger Awards Scholarship to the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Outstanding Student Chapter”.

We want to say thanks to AAPG, especially to Mr. Mike Mlynek and Mr. Herman Darman for sharing and discussion about this professional organization. Thank you so much to Oversight Committee Indonesian Student Chapter of AAPG (Pak Dharmawan Samsu, Bu Qivayanti, Mas Fithra Haris, Mas Geovani C. Kaeng, Mas Guruh , Mas Edo and also another OC who always support all SC in Indonesia. Our Faculty Advisor Pak Hadi Nugroho and Head of Geology Engineering – Universitas Diponegoro, Pak Dwijanto JS. Thanks for your support and good advice to us. Thanks to Former Executive Committee UNDIP SC of AAPG for giving us an unforgettable organization experience. Thank you for all of Executive Committee, Committee, Staff, and Advanced Member of AAPG UNDIP SC in 2009 period for our GREAT TEAM WORK. Thanks to IAGI (Indonesian Association of Geologists), HAGI (Indonesian Association of Geophysicists) , IATMI (Society of Indonesia Petroleum Engineers), and IPA (Indonesian Petroleum Association) for cooperation and contribution given during one year.

Special thanks to Rector of Universitas Diponegoro for Opening Remarks, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Republic of Indonesia 2004-2009 Period (Mr. Purnomo Yusgiantoro) for Opening Speech, Director General MIGAS (Mrs. Evita Legowo) for Keynote Speech, and also thank you for all of the speakers and instructors (Mr. Charlie Wu, Mr. Mohammad Syaiful, Mrs. Karen Agustiawan and Mr. Waluyo, Mr. R. Prijono and Mr. Gerhard Rumeser, and also Mr. Kris Hendardjo) for your great contribution for supporting our AAPG Student Expo & Petroleum Career Seminar 2009.

We want to thanks so much to SEAPEX and Indonesian Student Chapter of AAPG for giving us an opportunity to become host for The 5th SEAPEX-AAPG Student Leadership Conference 2009 in Semarang. Thank you to SEAPEX Representative (Mr. Jeremy Dyer), and OC Indonesian SC of AAPG (Pak Dharmawan Samsu and Bu Qivayanti) for attending and become speaker in the conference. Thank you for the entire speaker (Mr. Bob Yulian, Mr. Kris Hendardjo, Mr. Elan Biantoro, Mr. Lambok Hutasoit, and Ms. Elok Galih Karuniawati) for presenting the material. And also thanks for all of SC representatives for your participation and cooperation given.

We also want to say thanks in advance to several speakers who taught us and gave a great knowledge, they are: Mr. Koesoemadinata, Mr. Bob Yulian, Mr. Wahyu Seno Aji, Mrs. Premonowati Hadipramono, Mr. Kris Hendardjo, Mr. Tito Satria Putra Perdana, Mr. Wikan Winderasta, Mr. Nanang Abdul Manaf, Mr. Amudra Prabantara, Mr. Suprajitno Munadi, Mr. Mohammad Syaiful, Mr. Sanggam Hutabarat, Team JOB Pertamina-PetroChin a East Java, Mr. Teuku Abdul Azis, Mr. Rudy Ryacudu, and also Mr. Eddy Purnomo. We also want to thanks to Mr. Geovani C. Kaeng for presenting student leadership material in Master Class – Visiting Geoscientists Program.

Once again, thanks to you all for helping and supporting us. Hopefully, we always keep in touch and continue our good cooperation. For all of Student Chapter of AAPG in Indonesia, KEEP FIGHTING..!!

Maybe you are not the best..

But, promise to always give your best..!!

Maybe you are not perfect, yet..

But, promise to always give a perfect one..!!

Best Regards,

Dwandari Ralanarko

Former President – UNDIP SC of AAPG 2009 Period

Majoring of Geology Engineering – Universitas Diponegoro

dwandari_r@yahoo. com

+62 856 9232 6446

+62 898 5727 988

Link :

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