There are many activities in campus especially in geological engineering like study in class, practical training in the laboratory or geological field, and last but not least, taking part in student  organization.  One  of  student  organization  that  exists  on  Geological  Engineering  of University of Diponegoro is Universitas Diponegoro Student Chapter of American Association of Petroleum Geologists or we used to call UNDIP SC of AAPG. It’s one of professional bureau in Geological Engineering University of Diponegoro that focuses in petroleum realm. Not only study and study, there are many activities aside that can gain our soft skill and social relationship in  this  bureau.  To  welcome  the  Holy  Month,  many  various  activities  are  starting  from the academic activity to social among humans because this Holy Month does not mean months of in activity, but it is new spirit for every moment which were involving Student Volunteer and Members itself. Those activities were learning class about basic petroleum geochemistry, short course  petroleum geochemistry  with Mrs.  Ragil  Pratiwi,  sharing and breakfasting with  Mrs.Ragil Pratiwi, TOEFL class and TOEFL test, Breakfasting with Orphans, and Gathering.

UNDIP SC of AAPG’s first activity on this Holy Month was learning class about basic Petroleum Geochemistry with Mr Adi Danu Saputra as the speaker. It was taken in Seven days Coffee, Tembalang. From this event we could obtain a wide variety of new science that had hasn’t been earned by the fresh year and the second year students. Geochemistry itself was one of geological studies that very important and fundamental for future petroleum prospects all over the world. With the existence of this study, this activity was expected to introduce Petroleum Geochemistry to all of member and student volunteer of UNDIP SC of AAPG

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Next event is short course about petroleum geochemistry with Mrs. Ragil Pratiwi. It took place at Gedung Pertamina Sukowati. This event was a follow-up from learning class about basic petroleum geochemistry with Mr Adi Danu Saputra. From first event, the students were expected to have extensive knowledge about geochemistry. The speaker in this event was Ms Ragil Pratiwi. Her demeanor in geochemistry is simply amazing. The event also got a lot of entusias from the participants

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The  third  event  of  UNDIP  SC  of  AAPG  in  this  Holy  Month  was  sharing  and breakfasting with Mrs Ragil Pratiwi. In  this event of SV and Member of AAPG exchanged many ideas of geology and this UNDIP SC of AAPG current condition and activities. We knew that Mrs Ragil Pratiwi  was one of credible person only by her words. Many stories that she had experienced from the real world of geology were shared to Member and SV of UNDIP SC of AAPG by her.

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The next  are TOEFL class and TOEFL test. This event is one of event in big agenda of UNDIP SC of  AAPG in 2015. In those two days, all of participants got much knowledge about TOEFL test. We study how to complete TOEFL test in good and right condition. It took place in Seminary Room, Gedung Pertamina Sukowati. TOEFL class was held for preparation to the next day in  the TOEFL test. For the TOEFL test that held in SEU was run smoothly and all of the participants looks excited about this event. Participants also follow this event from the beginning to the end of the event. The TOEFL test itself run about two hours.



One of the social activities of UNDIP SC of AAPG was breakfasting with Orphans.This activity was intended to raise awareness of our fellow human being, especially in this Holy Month. This event was held at the one of orphanage in Tembalang , Al Mi’raj – Mulawarman. Children in this orphanage were success in their school and in this lacking situation wasn’t anexcuse for them to get good scores and became useful for their fellow. Members and Student Volunteers UNDIP SC of AAPG were inspired by their positive vibes and high enthusiasm to beuseful children for the rest of their orphanage. This event was very pleasant and left impression and life lesson in our heart that we couldn’t forget. When we able to share happiness to each other, that was the real meaning of life.

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Our  last  event  in  Ramadhan  is  gathering in  Bandungan  with  SVs and Members  ofUNDIP SC of AAPG. The main purpose of this activity is to strengthen the relationship between SVs and  Member. A lot of  activities carried out in this event. including games such as english day with a penalty that was quite interesting, take a photo with ‘alay’ style and uploaded to social media. Essence of this gathering is lies on sharing section, where SVs and Member exchanging ideas  about  activities  in  UNDIP  SC  of  AAPG.  In  sharing  section,  a  lot  of  critics  and suggestions for SVs and Member are explored. With many activities like this gathering, expected no   more  clumsy  in  SVs to  Members  and growing  familiarity  Member  to  SVs.  It  is  a  major influence on the future survival of the AAPG.


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