AAPG Field Learning “Mineral Alteration of Geothermal Environment, Gedongs Songo, Ungaran, Central Java”

The trip was held on Saturdary 27th September 2014. There were 21 participants and 2 field lecturers. The trip begin on 08.00 am starting from Pertamina Sukowati Building. Then, the group arrived fully at Gedong Songo on 09.30 am.

As the trip begin, Mr. Tri Omega explain the trip details. There was three stop sites that show geothermal manifestations in Gedong Songo. The first stop site showing steaming ground manifestation was located behid the 4th temple of Gedong Songo. The second stop site showing fumarole manifestation was located near the hotspring. The third stop site showing warm ground manifestations was located behind 2nd temple of Gedong Songo.

Mr. Tri Omega was accompanied by Mr. Rizki Akbar Putra to explain the geothermal environment. He explained that the geothermal system of Gedong Songo is a plutonic geothermal system. Based on field fact such as kaolinite, smectite, ilite and literature study, he stated that alteration zone of Gedong Songo is Argillic – Advance Argillic Zone.

After three hours of field observation, the trip ended at 01.00 pm.

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