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ALERT : MAGMADIPA 2011 & 2012 ONLY ‼

Wanna win a scholarship for 1 semester ??

Show your writing skill in AAPG Call for paper



Pick one of these sub themes :

–          Renewable and Unconventional Energy

Nowadays we’re facing energy crisis that caused human look for other alternative energy such as renewable energy (solar power, hidropower & biomass) or unconventional energy (CBM, Geothermal & shale gas)

–          Technical

Technical aspects in exploration, exploitation, investment and production of oil and gas are interesting to study such as the technical methods, oil and gas reserves or evaluate certain energy issues based on geological view

–          Issues

Energy issues could be studied not just by geological view but also could be evaluated based on humanity, environmental, disaster type, law and policy. This is a wide range subtheme, anything related to today’s energy issues could be classified into this category.


Then, Submit your abstract to aapgundip.cfp@hotmail.com and hardcopy to osa ’11 (08992813503) before Sept 30th 2013.


Abstract Format

Title                 : 14pt, Bold, Centering, Times New Roman Font

Author’s          : 10pt, Bold, Centering, Time New Roman Font

E-mail:             : 10pt, Centering, Times New Roman Font

Content           : 12pt, single space, Times New Roman Font

Keywords       : 10pt, Centering, Italic Times New Roman Font

  • Abstract would be written in english including title and keywords
  • Maximum 300 words
  • Papersize A4, Margin 4433
  • Selected Abstracts would have to make a full paper in english then submit (email and hardcopy) before October 23rd  2013



–          Abstract Deadline Sept 30th 2013

–          Best 10 Abstract Announcement October 2nd 2013

–          Full Paper Deadline October 15th 2013

–          Best 5 Full Paper Announcement October 17th 2013

–          *Presentation October 20th 2013


Your abstract would be evaluated based on content, originality and quality

This competition is FREE of charge !

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