We have finished all schedules in this lecture and everything have run well. Lecture “Seismic Interpretation and Introduction of Unconventional Resources ” was attended by 58 participants with the composition were 20 AAPG members, and 39 non AAPG members those come from Geological Engineering, and Chemical Department, University of Diponegoro. The lecture was held in Seminar Room of Geological Engineering Department, University of Diponegoro, Semarang, and was presented by  Mr. Andika Perbawa whom is a Geophysicist Medco E&P Indonesia

This lecture was divided into two sessions. The first session was about the theory and material of seismic interpretation knowledge with a litlle exercise about it and the second session was explained about introduction.

At first, Mr.Andika Perbawa presented about the seismic data and seismic interpretation. He explained  about Seismic Acquisition and Processing. The types  of Seismic Acquisition is marine, land, transition zone, ocean bottom cable, multicomponent, and time lapse. He also explained the  Conventional Seismic Interpretation like  Structural Seismic Interpretation, Stratigraphy Seismic Interpretation, Looping, Mapping, Depth Conversion, Pitfall. After he was explained the theory about it, he give the participants an exercise. We learned read seismic data, and we should mark the layers (horizontal), structure, contouring, correlated across faults and etc.

After first session and break, Mr. Andika Perbawa opened secound session. He explained about  Advanced Seismic Interpretation, and  then he explains how to processing the seismic data used software. The next agenda Mr. Andika Perbawa was introduce the unconventional resourcess, like shallow gas, tight gas, deep basin gas, coalbed methane, shale gas, gas hydrates, inorganic methane and continuously generated methane. At last agenda was discussion, and Mr. Andika Perbawa question session, he gave three pointer, two ipad bag, and pen for five of the participants that answer the exercise with good reason.

The lecture was closed by giving momento to Mr. Andika Perbawa by Ivan Kristiawan as Chair Person, and continued with taking photo together as the closing moment..

On the registration desk, before entering the room, each of participant was given an appraisal form that should be filled this form was the agenda of academic division. This form objected to all participants of this short courses to evaluate both the speakers’s ability in extend materials but also to measure the participants’sunderstand the themes. This consists of several questions that have to be filled and checked by participants to give values to the speaker. The chairperson of evaluate how good speaker gives presentation from participants’s opinion.  And those are the result of the evaluation from appraisal form. First, about 70% of the questions were filled correctly by the participants, 20% were filled false and 10% were empty.


Secondly, the committe evaluates the presentationability of the speaker in extend materials from the participants polling, second page of appraisal form. And the result is described by below chart :


            From those objective chart, the comittee was conclude that most of the participants  understood the material well, and gave such a great reciprocity. Then from the speaker, we conclude that Mr. Andika Perbawa ware very talented by giving an excelent presentation and he also can explain with easy words that can be understood by all of participants.

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