New President of UNDIP SC of AAPG 2012

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Election of UNDIP’S SC President 2012

At PERTAMINA “SUKOWATI” Building, Geological Engineering Department of Universitas Diponegoro, Semarang, Indonesia

December 8th – 9th , 2011


President election is executed during 2 days, on Thursday (December 8, 2011) and Friday (December 9, 2011), with event technical deliberation and continued with vision and mission presentation by chosen candidate.

In first day, Thursday (December 8, 2011) started on 15.00 WIB, with determination of president candidate name which chosen by all member. After result from deliberation together, so is got 2 president candidate of UNDIP SC of AAPG 2012, Mr. Gesang Panggrahito Pati (Vice President 2011) and Mr. Budi Malaysetia Amboro (Activity Chairman 2011).

In second day, Friday (December 9, 2011) started on 15.30 WIB, with vision and mission presentation  from both of President Candidate, and continued with question and answer session. Both of President candidate answered the question with wise and rational, so it’s make the member hard to choose one from two President candidate. After question and answer session later all member doing deliberation again for determining one name, for UNDIP SC of AAPG President 2012.

From deliberation result which long enough, so Mr. Budi Malaysetia Amboro chosed as President of UNDIP SC of AAPG Period.2012, Congratulation Budi : )

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